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Plant Biology

Plant Biology

Life Sciences Addition
room 1002

Univ. of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616

(530) 752-0617



Primary Members

  • Dr. Siobhan Brady - Associate Professor (profile, lab website)
    • Dr. Brady’s lab focuses on analysis of transcriptional networks that regulate tissue development using a systems biology approach.
  • Dr. Anne Britt - Professor (profile, lab website)
    • Dr. Britt’s lab focuses on DNA repair, damage response, and recombination in plants.
  • Dr. Luca Comai - Professor (profile, lab website)
  • Dr. Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar - Professor and Chair (profile, lab website)
  • Dr. John Harada - Professor (profile)
    • Plant developmental biology, with emphasis on molecular, genetic, biochemical, and genomic dissection of embryo and seed development.
  • Dr. Stacey Harmer - Professor (profile, lab website)
    • Dr. Harmer's lab studies the molecular basis of plant circadian rhythms and the importance of these daily rhythms for plant growth and development.
  • Dr. Joel Ledford - LPSOE (profile)
  • Dr. Bo Liu - Professor (profile, lab website)
    • Dr. Liu's research involves:
      1. To understand how plants propagate by investigating molecular mechanisms that regulate cell division and cell enlargement.
      2. To solve the mystery of fungal growth and dissemination by establishing molecular basis of cellularization and sporulation in Aspergillus.
  • Dr. Julin Maloof - Professor (profile, lab website)
    • Dr. Maloof's lab studies light-regulated development and plant adaptation using forward, reverse, and quantitative genetics and genomics.
  • Dr. Nitzan Shabek - Assistant Professor (profile, lab website)
    • Dr. Shabek’s lab integrates cutting edge approaches from the fields of biochemistry, structural biology, and molecular and cellular biology to decode sensing mechanisms and signaling pathways in plants. Our ultimate goal is to decipher fundamental biological machines from the atomic to organismal level, and develop innovative strategies for the benefit of agriculture, environment, and human health.
  • Dr. Patrick Shih - Assistant Professor (profile,lab website)
    • Dr. Shih’s lab focuses on two major areas of research: 1) developing synthetic biology approaches to enable complex engineering efforts in plant systems for applications in agriculture, sustainability, human health, and bioenergy and 2) investigating how the evolution of early microbial metabolisms (e.g., photosynthesis) shaped our planet over geological timescales.
  • Dr. Neelima Sinha - Professor (profile, lab website)
    • Dr. Sinha's lab uses Genetics, Developmental Biology and Genomics to answer questions relating to the development and evolution of leaf form.
  • Dr. V. Sundaresan - Distinguished Professor (profile, lab website)
  • Dr. Steve Theg - Professor and Vice Chair (profile, lab website)
    • Dr. Theg's lab studies protein translocation across biological membranes, with a focus on chloroplast membranes. Mechanism of multimeric protein complex assembly. Bioenergetics.
  • Dr. Philipp Zerbe - Associate Professor (profile, lab website)
    • Dr. Zerbe’s lab studies plant natural product biosynthesis with focus on understanding the diversity, biosynthesis and biological functions of terpenoid metabolites as plat defense compounds, flavors and other bioproducts.

Secondary Members



To contact any of the Emeritus Faculty, please call the Department of Plant Biology at (530) 752-0617.

  • Dr. Michael Barbour
  • Dr. David Bayer (profile)
  • Dr. Deborah Canington (profile)
  • Dr. Paul Castelfranco
  • Dr. Deborah Delmer (profile)
  • Dr. Emanuel Epstein (profile)
  • Dr. Richard Falk (profile)
  • Dr. Donald Kyhos
  • Dr. William Lucas - (profile, lab website)
    • Dr. Lucas' lab studies the local and long-distance trafficking of non-cell-autonomous proteins and RNA complexes as signaling agents in the regulation of plant growth and development.
  • Dr. Terence Murphy - (profile, lab website)
  • Dr. Sharman O'Neill - (profile)
  • Dr. Tom Rost (profile, lab website)
    • The lab focuses generally on aspects of the anatomy and development of roots. We have recently initiated a project involving grapevines with respect to Pierce's Disease.
  • Dr. Alan Stemler (profile)
    • Biochemical and biophysical aspects of photosynthesis. Structural and functional properties of chloroplast thylakoid membranes. Mechanism of oxygen evolution, inhibition of electron flow by monovalent anions, and resistance to herbicides that target the thylakoid membrane.
  • Dr. Kenneth Wells