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Plant Biology Zeiss LSM 710 Microscope

Microscope Facility
2204 Life Sciences Building
Natasha Worden, Drakakaki lab
Cellulose synthase (GFP-CESA) distributed along microtubules (magenta) in Arabidopsis hypocotyl cells.
Elias Bassil, Blumwald lab
A 3D reconstruction of NHX5-YFP localization in an epidermal cell.
Kaisa Kajala, Brady lab
An emerging lateral root in tomato: red signal is TagRFP-LTI6b on plasma membrane, and green signal is autofluorescence.
Ciera Martinez, Sinha lab
PIN1 (green) localization on a S. lycopersicum apex, marking the sites of directionalized auxin transport during leaf and inflorescence development. Blue = auto florescence.
Mohan Marimuthu, Comai lab
Ross Johnson, Britt lab
The image shows propidium iodide staining of BCB-driven GFP expression in Arabidopsis root after 150 Gy Gamma irradiation.
Hongchang Zhang, Liu lab
Cortical microtubules exhibit a complex fine network in leaf epidermal cells. Microtubules were labeled by GFP-tubulin, and stomata were shown by cell wall autoflourescence of guard cells (red).
Andrew Groover, Groover lab
The image shows XET activity in developing tension wood fibers of poplar trees, through incorporation of a fluorescent XET substrate (red signal). Blue signal is UV autofluorescence of lignified cell walls.
Eunsook Park, Dinesh-Kumar lab
Dynamic inter-organellar communication during plant immunity. Stromules (cyan) function as paths to transfer signaling molecules from chloroplasts (magenta) to nuclei (yellow) during immune response against pathogen, shown in a tobacco leaf.
Li Yuan, Sundaresan lab
A wild-type Arabidopsis ovule expresses the egg cell and central cell double marker FGR1.0 (pEC1.1::NLS-3XRFP; pDD22::GFP). This marker labels both the egg cell nucleus (arrowhead) and the whole central cell (arrow) in WT embryo sacs.
Jonathan Ho, Theg lab
This image compares osmotically swollen thylakoids between a chloroplast dividing mutant arc6 (left) and a wild type chloroplast (right). The chlorophyll auto-fluorescence was used to trace the presence of the thylakoid membrane.
Jin-zheng Wang, Dehesh lab
Endoplasmic reticulum localized marker YFP-HDEL labels ER structure in wild -type cotyledon.
Donnelly West, Sinha lab
Solanum pennellii floral meristem and developing leaves. Chlorophyll a autofluorescence in red and reporter GFP in green.
Alana Firl, Sundaresan lab
40x image of Zostera marina leaf, with eubacteria stained in green by CARD-FISH, and counterstained with nucleic acid stain DAPI (blue)
Mily Ron, Britt lab
Expression of the Citrine-CenH3 (TailSwap) driven by the endogenous CenH3 promoter in tomato root meristem. The Citrine-CenH3 is localized to centromeres. Arrows indicate cells where the chromosomes are aligned on the cell plate during metaphase and arrowhead indicates a cell during later stage of mitosis.

Microscope Setup: