Mentoring Plan

Mentoring Plan for Plant Biology Undergraduate Researchers


  • What are student’s career goals?
    • Mentor to give guidance and options for students
  • What do lab head, and mentor hope to get out of student research project?
  • Lab head and mentor could provide their mentoring philosophies to student


  • Schedule of work hours
  • Regular meetings with direct mentor (postdoc, grad student)
  • Regular meetings with lab head
  • Lab meeting and journal club attendance
  • Written plan for project before it starts (short but clear)
    • Focus on scientific questions, not just techniques
  • Diversity: cultural and educational background of student taken into account
    • Collect short biography from student

Outcomes and Assessment

  • Ongoing assessment at every regular meeting.
  • Written presentation
    • To be read and graded by mentor and PI
    • Research
  • Statement of overall experience to be collected at the end of the internship
  • Oral presentation e.g. lab journal club, or part of lab meeting
    • Coaching before presentation
    • Feedback after presentation
    • Retreats and undergrad research conferences
    • Plant Bio specific end-of-quarter poster session
  • Exit meeting
    • Did student and mentor meet initial goals?
    • Provide constructive criticism
    • Plan for future research
    • Guidance about career decisions

How an internship can progress into a long-term commitment

  • How will future careers build on the 1st quarter
  • Different steps that lead to an independent research project
  • Attend a scientific meeting