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Dr. Philipp Zerbe

Professor Philipp Zerbe
1220 Life Sciences
Phone: (530) 754-9652
Email: pzerbe@ucdavis.edu




Joyce FernandezJoyce Fernandez
1023 Science Lab Building
Phone: (530) 752-0410
Email: cbsundergrads@ucdavis.edu
Schedule appointment visit: https://cbsapps.ucdavis.edu/Advising


General Information

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the molecular and structural unity of all life, explain how the diversity of life is generated and perpetuated and exemplify this diversity among and within life's three domains.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how genetics and biochemistry are used to elucidate cell organization and function.
  • Demonstrate skill in communication of scientific data in standard format.
  • Demonstrate scientific quantitative skills, such as the ability to evaluate experimental design, read graphs, and use information from scientific papers.
  • Incorporating an evolutionary perspective, describe how plants develop from a single cell to a complex organism.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how plants sense and respond to environmental cues.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between plant form and function, and apply that knowledge to issues that impact society.

Why Major in Plant Biology at UC Davis

  • Excellent preparation for graduate & professional schools, including medical school.
  • Guaranteed research opportunities.
  • World-renowned research programs.
  • Hands-on experience in modern, cutting-edge biology research.
  • Opportunities to participate in departmental retreats & national conferences to present novel discoveries.
  • Eligible to receive the Alden Crafts & Oliver Leonard Scholarships, & President's Undergraduate Fellowships (PUF grants).
  • Contributions to human health, energy security, & environmental stewardship.

Requirements (Advising Checklists)

  • BS Major (PDF)
  • AB Major (PDF)
  • Minor Program (PDF)