Department of Plant Biology welcomes three new junior faculty members

Dr. Laura Bogar

Dr. Laura Bogar

Dr. Bogar's lab studies symbiotic interactions between plant roots and soil fungi, with a particular emphasis on (ecto)mycorrhizal symbioses. In laboratory and greenhouse experiments, her lab uses RNA sequencing and stable isotope enrichment to probe these diverse symbioses, aiming to understand how their functions may change with environmental stress. In the field, her group explores the composition and function of plant- and soil-associated microbial communities, applying insights from mechanistic studies to explain and predict changes in plant-soil interactions and forest ecology with climate change, nitrogen deposition, and other anthropogenic stressors. For more information:


Yann-Ru Lou


Dr. Yann-Ru Lou

Dr. Lou’s lab studies the evolution of chemical diversity of plant specialized metabolites. In particular, she is taking a biochemical and plant synthetic biology approach to connect the evolving structure of metabolites to their changing ecological functions and bioactivities

Maria Maldonado


Dr. Maria Maldonado

Dr. Maldonado is interested in understanding the process of respiration. The lab will use biochemical, structural and cellular approaches to study the respiratory chains of different photosynthetic organisms, including model organisms, crops and various types of algae.